the people, the process and the result
focus on authentic sustainability

development, people, settlements, technology and nature

Strategies and Goals

Our work emphasizes the triple bottom line of economics, equity, and environment in a cross-sectorial development.

Place + Identity

Interdisciplinary Processes

We employ a multicultural and holistic approach to both small and large scale projects. Building upon the ancient concept of the Genius Loci, our projects begin with a deep respect for the history of a place.

Local and Regional Economic Development

Urban problem Solving

Data-driven economic development strategies that promote innovation and job creation, based upon a community’s strengths and action plans that offer workable solutions


projected covered area


projected semi-covered surface


projected open area


built public space 2023

toward social impact

Work culture

The office works on projects of a range of scales—from spatial installations and exhibitions to complex institutional projects—and is always looking for new creative opportunities together.
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