Humans and the Land

ufficcis was born to accompany leaders of change and the responses of groups, institutions, cities and nations to deep questions with practical answers related to development and quality of life properly understood.

Nature, People, Purpose & Sense

Thinking and finding solutions for urban, architecture, design & arts across cultures with -programs- and -projects- as concrete documentation of the social, economic, environmental and political dynamics of the groups they represent. No other artform more profoundly showcases how people of the world live, work & socialize.

The term ufficiis, it is inspired by the -u- of urban systems and the treatise -de officiis- that Cicero wrote in 44ac for his son Marco with the duties that each man must follow as a member of the State. He thus goes through the duties, obligations and virtues such as wisdom, justice, temperance, magnanimity, moral and spiritual laws of people …with perennial validity.

Ensure harmony in all of your actions,
Impulse should obey reason,
Avoid wrongdoing,
Live in accordance with your nature,

More than 2.000 year old Philosophy of Cicero has many things that still ring true today.

«leading next challenges
in search for value»

Santiago Caprio
prof. dr. mas. urb. arch.