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Geothermal Wellness Baths

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Geothermal Wellness Baths

Discover the charm of vernacular architecture in the Himalayas: an oasis of well-being is our design of the thermal baths! Inspired by cultural roots and traditional techniques, we have created a unique space that fuses modernity with the warmth of traditional life.

Immerse yourself in the essence of life in harmony with nature. Explore with us the wonders of our architectural project that promotes well-being through connection with history and the environment.
Our project seeks more than architectural aesthetics; is a wake-up call to the human ability to endure and thrive in challenging environments. The compositional form, designed to filter light amid the dramatic geography and topography, is a gesture that honors the richness of having learned to survive.


Ufficiis’ «Geothermal Wellness» redefines the thermal bath experience in the Himalayas, drawing inspiration from the region’s rich vernacular architecture. This innovative project harmoniously fuses the essence of ancient architecture with the geothermal abundance of the environment, presenting a thermal bath that pays homage to the traditional forms and styles of local construction.


The structure adapts to the site in a sustainable way, minimizing its environmental footprint and respecting the integrity of the environment. Relaxation areas are intertwined with the design, offering visitors a space to rest and rejuvenate in keeping with the architecture.


With panoramic views of Lake Gosaikunda, the chosen color palette harmonizes with the surrounding stones, achieving a perfect integration into nature. “Geothermal Wellness” is not only a work of architecture, but also a respectful tribute to the local culture and the delicate balance of the Himalayan ecosystem. This project stands as a harmonious extension of the majestic landscape, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in an authentic and sustainable wellness experience.


9 de noviembre de 2023


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