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EL MARN, «Ministerio de Ambiente y Recursos Naturales» of El Salvador, promotes various projects for the protection of nesting habitats, as well as the education and awareness of local communities about the importance of conserving sea turtle species in El Salvador.
In places such as San Diego beach, Los Almendros beach, Los Cóbanos beach, San Blas beach and Costa del Sol beach, among others, efforts are carried out to protect sea turtle nests. Volunteers and experts collect the eggs and move them to protected areas in the nurseries to prevent predation and increase the survival rate of the eggs and hatchlings. Once the hatchlings hatch, they are released into the sea, increasing their chances of surviving natural predators during the initial stages of their life.
It is a renewed design for the hawksbill turtle nurseries, built of wood and covered with half-shaded mesh, consists of a soft sand area conducive to hosting, protecting and conserving sea turtle populations, as well as facilitating their reproduction in a safe environment , and a hard area to promote talks, work space and stay, structuring a space that gives rise to the promotion of sustainable practices to protect marine biodiversity
These efforts contribute to increasing hatchling survival rates and maintaining the diversity of sea turtle populations in the country.


8 de noviembre de 2023


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