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House of the future

Embracing the essence of traditional patio life while seamlessly integrating modern aesthetics, this house is a testament to innovation and sustainability.


Unlike conventional Western homes, ours is designed to foster community connections, with narrow corridors and open spaces that encourage interaction and exploration. Journey through cool alleys adorned with wind towers and small balconies, leading to a central courtyard that serves as the heart of the home.


Inside, experience the perfect harmony of tradition and innovation. Rooms open up to the courtyard, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Marvel at the beautiful textures and coral hues that adorn the family room, all while staying cool under ceiling fans powered by barajils, ensuring comfort without the need for constant air conditioning.


But it doesn’t stop there! Our home is equipped with cutting-edge domestic technology, including systems to purify and reuse wastewater, reducing our impact on freshwater resources and contributing to a more sustainable future in our challenging climate.


Join us as we redefine modern living with the traditional identity, looking for sustainable tomorrow.



6 de febrero de 2024


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