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BEACH HOSTEL UNIT on Holbox Island (between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico), as a real eco-chic option for all those who wish to be in balance with the natural ecosystem and the comfort of modern life.


The proposal fuses elegance with sustainability, configuring a micro-habitat where the ecological balance of the island is harmoniously integrated with the natural environment.

Sustainable local materials and technology were used so as not to impact the island’s delicate environment, and the design is prepared to withstand possible inclement weather.

Beyond being a refuge for travelers, it stands out as an asset to the community, honoring the cultural richness of the place and the spiritual connection with nature.


The project promotes the interconnection of construction volumes with open spaces, taking advantage of sustainable alternatives such as the capture and reuse of rainwater, the installation of solar panels and the use of natural materials such as bamboo and wood.


The architecture focuses on creating a spiritual environment that connects guests with nature. The dispersed arrangement of elements seeks to allow users to discover the environment through tours, offering diverse experiences, from yoga areas to a lively disco bar.


The proposal not only stands out for its elegance and sustainability, but also for its contribution to the local community, honoring cultural heritage and fostering spiritual connection with nature. The modular and prefabricated construction system, together with the choice of sustainable materials, ensures resistance to the environmental conditions of the island and promotes efficient construction.


The cabin, designed with bamboo and wood, adapts to functional needs, highlighting strategically located social areas on the upper floor to enjoy the landscape, while on the ground floor private spaces are prioritized for rest and tranquility. Altogether, BEACH HOSTEL UNIT proposes an eco-habitat that harmoniously integrates with the natural environment, offering visitors a unique and sustainable experience on the beautiful Holbox Island.


7 de febrero de 2024


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