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The Prisma building is an office building designed for daily operations, with an efficient distribution of office space, meeting rooms, common areas, and break areas. It features aesthetically appealing spaces that inspire employees. The design creates flexible and adaptable workspaces that foster collaboration, creativity and efficient workflow, and is ideal for small businesses that require activities that reinforce organizational culture.

In the Crystal building, we fuse cutting-edge design with maximum comfort to create a space where you can truly enjoy life. We present you 2-bedroom apartments with 110 m2, designed with your well-being and quality of life in every corner.
Our building stands out for its curtain wall fa├žade style, which not only provides a modern and elegant aesthetic, but also maximizes the entry of natural light, creating bright and welcoming spaces that invite you to relax and enjoy the environment.
Every detail has been carefully thought out to ensure comfort at all times. From kitchens equipped with state-of-the-art appliances to spacious bedrooms with built-in closets, we want you to feel at home from the moment you enter your new home.

Every detail of the Altitude building has been carefully designed to offer an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. This stunning minimalist apartment building rises majestically into the sky on 27 floors of pure sophistication and contemporary style. With 3 bedrooms and 125 m2 of living space, the apartments offer the perfect balance between spaciousness and functionality.

The Luminar building is a 2-bedroom apartment building of 110 m2, has a balcony so all the rooms on the front and rear facade.
Because of its spatiality it is ideal for families or professionals, people who have lived in other cities or those who aspire to a quality of life who are eager for places where they can develop the potential of their activities and their daily life in spaces of comfort, with a serenity impregnated with timelessness, sifted light and indirect light in its atmosphere, where practicality surprises in its details. Luminar – Where quality of life and comfort are found in every corner.




22 de marzo de 2024


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