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Adaptative rehuse and placemaking

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Adaptative rehuse and placemaking

The project seeks to consolidate the history of the site, highlighting both its ancient architecture and its future potential. It merges 7 centuries of active life in which different architectural styles are portrayed with elements of a contemporary proposal to tell a new story, focusing on adaptive reuse and placemaking.

This narrative is materialized in a simple way in the palimpsest of layered superimpositions that allow to take distance through walkways arranged at different levels, forming the axes of composition that guide the tour generating a series of sequence of planes in which the heritage architecture is exposed from other angles to the view of those who move inside inviting awareness, respect and sense of belonging.

The central courtyard, conceived as the epicenter, becomes the articulator of the project where yesterday and now converge, combining the heritage of the pointed arches and the technology of metal and glass. The combination of architectural styles from different periods with the presence of nature wrapped in inverted cone structures, evoke the reinterpretation of those pine trees that have been part of what are now ruins acting as a reminder of the passage of time, incorporating a mirror of water that symbolizes the extrinsic characteristics of the site, turning it into a space for the enjoyment and connection of the community, also contributing to the creation of a new architectural language and a new identity of the place in its past, present and future splendor.

Three strategically placed accesses not only seek the functional autonomy of the spaces, but also facilitate a diversified experience. Each access reveals a unique facet of the project, the current access enables the garden on the left, the outdoor orchards and the pet area and inside the building the gallery café as a linking space between the outdoor garden and the central courtyard, access 2, which enables the exhibition platforms, workshops and reading rooms, as well as an access for artist and performers on performance days and the third access for the general public to the performance area.

We are appealing to a deconstruction not in terms of dissolving or destroying but of structuring the sedimented layers with living and dynamic elements that underlie everyday life, seeking to make it shine again with a positive impact on the community.


27 de mayo de 2024


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