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Local and Regional Economic Development

Data-driven economic development strategies that promote innovation and job creation, based upon a community’s strengths and action plans that offer workable solutions.

  • Revitalizing Obsolete Industrial Facilities and Districts.
  • Retail Strengthening Strategies.
  • Cluster and Sectoral Employment Trends Analysis.
  • Workforce Demographics and Occupational Analysis.
  • Employer and Workforce Surveys.
  • Innovation/Creative Districts.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Development.
  • Business Community Outreach and Strategic Planning.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

Strategy, structuring, and negotiation support for P3 transactions to maximize value and mitigate risk for owners of real property assets.

  • Acquisition and Disposition Strategies.
  • Scenario analysis.
  • Financial Advisory Services.
  • Developer Solicitations and Evaluations.
  • Deal Structuring and Formulation of Economic Terms.
  • Negotiation Strategy and Assistance.

Downtown, Corridor, and Neighborhood Revitalization / Retail Positioning

Mixed-use and targeted retail enhancement strategies and actionable recommendations that stimulate the revitalization of downtowns, waterfronts, retail corridors, and neighborhood business districts.

  • Revitalization Strategies.
  • Retail Market and Financial Feasibility Analyses.
  • Retail Leakage (Demand and Supply) Studies.
  • Site and District Positioning Studies.
  • Urban Decay Analysis.

Affordable and Workforce Housing

Policy formulation, planning, and financial feasibility analysis for all types of affordable, workforce and mixed-income housing, including:

  • Flexible and scalable architectural typologies.
  • Harmonious urban landscape, far from repetition.
  • General Plan Housing Elements and Regional Housing Plans.
  • Consolidated Plans and Assessments of Fair Housing.
  • Inclusionary Housing Policies.
  • Affordable Housing Fee and Funding Mechanisms.
  • Development Feasibility Analysis.
  • Workforce Housing Strategies.

Our work process

#1 Diagnosis

Research, Survey, Data Collection & Analyze real need and challenge.

#2 Conceptualización

Concept & Sketch, Purpose and Intentions.

#3 Evaluación

Analysis of scenarios, proposals, options, variants and synthesis.

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